Our Members

Abramian, Yolande

Adinolfi, Helen

Aiello, Victor

Aieisi, Paula

Amato, Marion

Arce, Sebastian

Argenti, Noelle

Arsenault, Heidi

Aversa, Angelo

Balzer, Julie

Beckingham, Paul

Bensinger, Carolyn

Berkowitz, Teresa

Bertrand, John

Bolduc, Dorothy

Brown, Dorothy

Campbell, Catherine

Contos, Dorothy V.

Cormier, Rose-Ann

Cox, Maddie

Creedon, Rita

Denham, Helen

DiGiovanni, Karen

Dimascio, Eda

Falone, Linda

Fadous, Dola

Fairbanks, Donna

Ferreira, Kathleen

Filer, Crist

Finn, Frances

Foley, Jeanie

Ford, Ellen M.

Gaspar, Donna Marie

Gordon, Maria

Greene, Mary-Ann

Hajian, Helen

Harris, Nancy B.

Hicks, Linda C

Hilt, Mary

Hogan, Tom

Hubley, Pamela

Hussain, Ayyaz

Katz, Carole

Katzeff, Anne

Keyes, Nancy

Killiany, Dominic

Kim, Joan

Kurkosk,i Eileen


Lessard, Marie Louise

Lewdansky, Anna

Lewis, Tom

Lin, Virginia

LoPrete, Nancy

Malis, Joan

Manoukian, Josephina

Marcus, Cara

Mason, Leona

Millarengo, Nelly

Neugebauer, Karl H

Nugent, Louise

Nuhn, Kathleen

Oganian, Anna

Papazian, Judith

Pearce, Herb

Perley, Henry J.

Pizzi, Maureen

Powers, Susan

Quagliata, Anna

Ramirez, Nirza

Raskin, Larry

Rosati, Flora

Rowe, Kathleen

Samantha, Adrita

Scaltreto, Dawn Evans

Scheffler, Laurie

Schutka, Aira

Schutka, Georg

Smolinsky, Rita

Spiers, Mary

Spiller, Jonathan

Staten, Marsha

Tambureno, Anna

Tempesta, Sally

Tirella, Stephanie

Traub, Jodi

Tura, Janice

Vallillo, Emily

Van Ryn, Mary

Ventura, Fran E.

Vlachos, Joy

Volterra, Margo

Walsh, Edwina

Wigren, Jodie

Wintner, Edward

Wise, Theodora

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Our Supporters

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Watertown Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.